25th Feb 2018
Ankica Čakardić is an assistant professor and the chair of Social Philosophy and Philosophy of Gender at the Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. Her research interest include Marxist critique of social contract theory, Political Marxism, Marxist-feminist and Luxemburgian critique of political economy, and history of women’s struggles in Yugoslavia.
5th Feb 2018
Capitalism is a system which by its very nature must expand until it destroys the conditions of its own existence. It is hardly surprising then that Marxists in the Soviet Union argued that in the current environmental crisis lay the ultimate reason for replacing capitalism with socialism.
5th Feb 2018
Presented at Historical Materialism London (2017) by Tiarnán Somhairle Tiarnán is an independent Marxist researcher interested in theories of underdevelopment and Irish historiography. He blogs at https://chemicalelementsof.wordpress.com/.  
1st Dec 2017
Soma Marik (b. 1962) is Associate Professor of History , RKSM Vivekananda Vidyabhavan, West Bengal, and former Visiting Professor, School of Women's Studies, Jadavpur University. She has published extensively on Marxism, the Russian Revolution, Communist Women in India, and Communalism in India.
7th Nov 2017
Heide Gerstenberger  
24th Oct 2017
Paul LeBlanc responds to Eric Blanc
21st Oct 2017
HM at 20 and 16 For the journal's 20th anniversary, we repost here extracts of interviews with Esther Leslie for HM in 2017 and with Peter Thomas for Jacobin in 2004, both conducted by George Souvlis. 
8th Oct 2017
Deirdre O’Neill and Mike Wayne   This essay is taken from the forthcoming anthology Considering Class, Theory, Culture and the Media in the 21st Century, (eds) Deirdre O’Neill and Mike Wayne, Brill, Leiden/Boston, 2018.