Call for Abstracts: Twenty-First Annual Historical Materialism London Conference

Countering the Plague: Forces of Reaction and War and How to Fight Them

Countering the Plague:

Twentieth Annual Conference

The Cost of Life Oppression, Exploitation and Struggle in the Time of Monsters

David Mabb Historical Materialism Poster Conf 2023

Nineteenth Annual Conference

Facing the Abyss: An Epoch of Permanent War and Counterrevolution

Draft Programme

Historical Materialism Seventeenth Annual Conference

Survival Pending Revolution: Historical Materialism in a Pandemic Age
Deadline for abstracts: 15th June 2020

Sixteenth Annual Conference.

Claps of Thunder: Disaster Communism, Extinction Capitalism and How to Survive Tomorrow
Poster by David Mabb

Fifteenth Annual Conference

Taking on the Right
***The CFP is now closed.*** See below for programme and registration info.

Fourteenth Annual Conference

Revolutions Against Capital, Capital Against Revolutions?

Thirteenth Annual Conference, London 10-13 November 2016

Limits, Barriers and Borders
Organised in collaboration with the Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Committee and Socialist Register.

Twelfth Annual Conference

Austerity and Socialist Strategy

Eleventh Annual Conference

How Capitalism Survives

Tenth Annual Conference

Making the World Working Class