Historical Materialism London 2024: Postgraduate Conference Invitation

This year, we are excited to announce the inaugural postgraduate pre-conference scheduled for November 6th, preceding the annual London Historical Materialism conference at SOAS, which runs from November 7th to the 10th.

Marina Vishmidt, 1976-2024

(Photo: Barbara Herrenkind)

Call for Abstracts: Twenty-First Annual Historical Materialism London Conference

Countering the Plague:

Forces of Reaction and War and How to Fight Them

7-10 November 2024

SOAS, Russell Square, Central London

The Left and COVID: A response to Mike Haynes

by Sam Friedman and Mary Jirmanus Saba

Strategy, Temporality and Collective Learning: An Alternative Proposal for the Future of UCU Campaigns in the UK

by Demet Sahende Dinler

The views are solely my own and do not represent the views of my branch. I appreciate the constructive criticisms and suggestions of UCU colleagues and friends who commented on the first version of this piece. Special thanks to the inspiring conversations I have had with Alice Corble, Arabella Stanger, Ben Rogaly, Ciaran Clark, Danny Millum, David Harvie, Jane Holgate, Jo Pawlik, Katy Fox-Hodess, Lara Coleman, Malcolm James, Mario Novelli, Mariya Ivancheva, Mark Pendleton, Nimi Hoffmann, Panagiotis Sotiris, Sam Solomon, Sophia Lycouris, Susan Kelly, Tom Cowin, Will Lock. I learnt the most when disagreements and different angles challenged me. All errors are mine.