What’s New – 18th December 2023

– Now online: preprint edition of the double-volume ‘Marxism and the Critique of Antisemitism’ special issue of Historical Materialism. Issue 32, 1&2:

What’s New – 28th November 2023

– Now Online: Robert Wedderburn’s ‘Universal War’: Anti-Colonial Universality in the Age of Revolution, by Ajmal Waqif

What’s New – 30th October 2023

– Subjectivation and Cohesion: Towards the Reconstruction of a Materialist Theory of Law, with Sonja Buckel (Kassel University), 13 Nov 2023, 5-7pm, Goldsmiths, University of London, RHB Room 137a

What’s New – 18th October 2023

– Now Online: Did Marx Defend Black Slavery? On Jamaica and Labour in a Black Skin, Gregory Slack

What’s New – 05th October 2023

– Virtual Book Talk with Gilbert Achcar on The New Cold War, in online conversation with host Sadia Abbas (CES, Rutgers) and guest Simon Pirani. Register here:

What’s New – 02nd October 2023

– One Thousand and One Nights of the Totality: A History and Class Consciousness online Marathon. An online event on the Historical Materialism YouTube channel. Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th October. 2023 Sessions at 18h-19h30 and 20h30-21h45 (GMT + 1 – UK Time)

What’s New – 20th September 2023

– Launch of The Well-Dressed Revolutionary: the Odyssey of Michel Pablo in an age of uprising by Hall Greenland.

What’s New – 13th September 2023

– It’s still imperialism, stupid, Thursday 14 – Friday 15 September 2023, King’s College London. Places are limited, if you would like to attend, please email: seminarmarxisttheory@gmail.com

What’s New – 31st August 2023

– Two books on Ukraine recently published by Resistance Books, 
(Australia). Available as softcover or PDF download.
The Catastrophe of Ukrainian Capitalism: How Privatisation Dispossessed 
& Impoverished the Ukrainian People

What’s New – 19th August 2023

– Now Online: Losing Power: The Workers’ Opposition in the Russian Communist Party. A Review of The Workers’ Opposition in the Russian Communist Party: Documents, 1919–30, edited and translated by Barbara C. Allen By Daniel Gaido

What’s New – 31st July 2023

– Family Abolition: In Conversation with ME O’Brien, 8 August 2023, 10am-12pm PDT | 1-3pm ET/6-8pm BST, Online Event (Zoom). To register:

What’s New – 17th July 2023

– CfP: “What is your take on violence?” On a crucial question of the international Left in its historical-political context, IHSF Vienna, International Rosa Luxemburg Society, Nord University, Vienna, 20-22 June 2024. Submit 300 words abstract and 100 words biography to office@ihsf.at by August 15, 2023.