28th Apr 2019
Thoughts on Marxism and the State by David McNally
17th Apr 2019
The Sanders Antinomies: Strategic Questions for Uncertain Times by Michael Bray
3rd Mar 2019
KARL LIEBKNECHT AND ROSA LUXEMBURG[1] Grigorii Zinoviev Translated, edited and introduced by Clayton Black
14th Jan 2019
by Hernán Ouviña (translated by Nicolas Allen)
29th Aug 2018
Avoiding Sundays on the Long March Against ‘Correct’-Line Marxism: A Reply to Beverley Best[1] by Dick Bryan and Michael Rafferty  
10th Aug 2018
Contesting the Survival of Capitalism, University of Sydney, 13-14 December
30th Jul 2018
There is hope! A report by Maïka Sondarjee
13th Jul 2018
Rationality, Islam, and Decolonisation with Maxime Rodinson
31st May 2018
A Journal Special Issue by Ashok Kumar, Dalia Gebrial, Adam Elliott-Cooper, Shruti Iyer
29th May 2018