29th Aug 2018
Avoiding Sundays on the Long March Against ‘Correct’-Line Marxism: A Reply to Beverley Best[1] by Dick Bryan and Michael Rafferty  
10th Aug 2018
Contesting the Survival of Capitalism, University of Sydney, 13-14 December
30th Jul 2018
There is hope! A report by Maïka Sondarjee
13th Jul 2018
Rationality, Islam, and Decolonisation with Maxime Rodinson
31st May 2018
A Journal Special Issue by Ashok Kumar, Dalia Gebrial, Adam Elliott-Cooper, Shruti Iyer
29th May 2018
5th May 2018
Heide Gerstenberger's updated paper given at the London HM Conference 2017.
28th Apr 2018
In this article Alberto Toscano considers three texts that allow us to explore the place that a recovery and reinterpretation of Lenin's 'Materialism and Empirio-Criticism' played in setting the agenda of European Marxist philosophy after the crisis of ’56.     Introduction: An ‘Eastern’ Materialism?
25th Apr 2018
Moishe Postone (1942-2018) died in Chicago, Monday, March 19, 2018, after a battle with cancer. A member of the Historical Materialism Advisory Board, he delivered one of the plenary talks at the Historical Materialism conference in London last November (2017)
13th Apr 2018
Text by Lea Kuhar presented at the HM London Conference 2017.