20th February 2017

Karl Liebknecht in 1907. A timely archive.

Courtesy of Daniel Gaido originally published here.

19th February 2017

Jairus Banaji discusses fascism and its three best thinkers of the left, Rosenberg, Reich, and Sartre.

2nd February 2017

Arthur Duhé replies to Frédéric Lordon at London HM 2016 on Spinoza, Marx and indignation.

29th January 2017


29th January 2017

Prof. Costas Lapavitsas and Dr. Geoffrey Ingham discuss 'Thinking about Money' on 18 January 2017 at the SOAS, London.

1st January 2017

Richard Seymour on Enzo Traverso and Daniel Bensaïd

1st January 2017

Tony Norfield reviews François Chesnais's Finance Capital Today: Corporations and Banks in the Lasting Global Slump, Brill, Leiden, 2016.


1st January 2017

Historical Materialism's London Annual Conference 10-13 November 2016 

Please find here the audio recording of the conference's closing plenary session that took place Sunday 13 November, 17.15-19.00.

With Ashok Kumar, Tithi Bhattacharya, Susan Ferguson and David McNally.

3rd December 2016

HM London 2016 conference: Pete Green on Michael Roberts's The Long Depression.


Pete Green is an independent researcher, retired Further Education lecturer and UCU activist in the UK.


20th November 2016

HM London 2016 Conference: Panel on Michael Roberts's The Long Depression