14th June 2017


This piece was originally written for the special issue 150 of the Spanish journal Viento Sur, "1917-2017 Rethinking Revolution" dedicated to political strategy and anti-capitalist alternatives.

29th May 2017

Phil Hedges on Linebaugh's May Day Essays and the UCL rent strikes

Phil Hedges is a trade union organiser and an alumnus of the International Labour and Trade Union Studies Masters (MA ILTUS) at Ruskin College, Oxford. This essay is dedicated to the 2014-16 MA ILTUS cohort.


25th May 2017

by Jim Kincaid

This piece was originally published at

9th May 2017

Daniel Hartley interviews Richard Seymour, author, journalist, online editor for Salvage, and member of Historical Materialism's Corresponding Editorial Board.

26th April 2017

Revolutions Against Capital, Capital Against Revolutions?

Central London, 9-12 November 2017

13th April 2017

Ludmila Costhek Abílio on transformations of labour in Brazil.


2nd April 2017

Alberto Toscano on Fascism

This paper was first delivered as a seminar in February 2017 at Simon Fraser University. The author thanks Clint Burnham for the comradely hospitality and the participants for their critical engagement. A Greek translation can be found here.

1st April 2017

A review of Alex Anievas and Kerem Nişancıoğlu's How the West Came to Rule: The Geopolitical Origins of Capitalism (Pluto, 2015)

For an alternative review, see our previous post by Jairus Banaji. Watch out for the symposium on the book forthcoming in the Historical Materialism journal. 

31st March 2017

Contrary to Leon Trotsky's influential account, Bolsheviks in March 1917 opposed the Provisional Government and called for a revolutionary soviet regime.

8th March 2017

Sara R Farris on Elena Ferrante. 

Main photo: Six Shirtwaist Strike women in 1909, USA. Mary Dreier, Ida Rauh, Helen Marot, Rena Borky, Yetta Raff, and Mary Effers