What’s New – 7th July 2022

7th Jul 2022

– Launch of Clark McAllister’s “Karl Marx’s Workers’ Inquiry: International History, Reception, and Responses”, published by Notes from Below. Saturday 9th of July, from 5pm at Mayday Rooms, London.

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– Delivery as Dispossession: Land Occupation and Eviction in the Postapartheid City (Oxford University Press, April 2022) by Zachary Levenson. Available for order here (Use code ASFLYQ6 for 30 percent off):

– New Book: How Labor Powers the Global Economy, by Emmanuel D. Farjoun, Moshé Machover, & David Zachariah

– New titles out now: Punk Suprematism and Fake Star!

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– Podcast: Charters Wynn’s book, THE MODERATE BOLSHEVIK: Mikhail Tomsky from the Factory to the Kremlin, 1880-1936

– NHS under siege: The fight to save it in the age of Covid by John Lister and Jacky Davis Merlin Press May 2022

– New Book: The General Law of Capitalist Accumulation in Latin America and Beyond. Actuality and Pertinence (2022, Lexington Books), edited by Lorenzo Fusaro and Leinad Johan Alcalá Sandoval:

– Facing the Abyss: An Epoch of Permanent War and Counterrevolution, Historical Materialism London 2022 Call for Abstracts, 10-13 November 2022 @Central London, Deadline for abstracts: 25 July 2022

– Now online, HM podcast #3, discussing The Political Economy of Tar Sands