What’s New – 7th April 2021

7th Apr 2021

“The Locomotives of History”: Historicizing Revolution. Enzo Traverso will analyze Marx’s famous definition of revolutions as the “locomotives of history,” taking us through the golden age of railways to the Russian Civil War, the Mexican Revolution and the Second World War. Friday, April 9, 2:30pm EDT

Passcode: 875350

– Reading Althusser; Philosophy and Its Artistic Other; Politics and Mathematics; The Real and Semblance in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis.

ULIP Theory in Crisis seminar: Sara Salem, Anticolonial Contradictions, Friday 30 April

– Video: Aaron Benanav, Gavin Mueller, and Jason Smith, “Technology, Automation, and Socialist Strategy”.

– Calculation in the Time of Capital: A seminar by Conrad Hamilton, for the Anna Longo organized seminarTechnologies du temps: Risque, incertitude, connaissance [talk in English], 6:30PM CET/5:30PM in the UK, 8 April