What’s New – 5th February 2023

5th Feb 2023

New HM podcast! Landownership and Class. Historical Materialism Podcast

Are landowners a ‘third class’ beyond capitalists and workers? Or are landowners simply a class fraction of capitalists? How can tenants resist the power of the landowning class? In this episode, Lukas Slothuus and Ashok Kumar talk with Francesca T.C. Manning, author of A Defence of the Concept of the Landowning Class as the Third Class: Towards a Logic of Landownership. The article is open-access and free for all to download and read.

– New reviews and an updated list of books for review recently published online in the Marx and Philosophy Review of Books:

– Podcast: Freedom by sea: history from below and transatlantic history with Marcus Rediker

– Uno Kozo’s theory of crisis: a symposium

– Rab-Rab Press in collaboration with Contradictions Journal published the first English translation of Karel Teige’s The Marketplace of Art. For more info and order:

After Marx: Literature, Theory and Value in the Twenty-First Century, from Cambridge UP:

– Robert Linhart and the Circuitous Paths of Inquiry

– James P. Cannon: America’s Pioneer Trotskyist by Murray Smith, A Review of Bryan D. Palmer’s James P. Cannon and the Emergence of Trotskyism in the United States, 1928–38

– The Emergence of Trotskyism in the United States: 3 Part Interview with Bryan D. Palmer

– Bryan D. Palmer on his new book, James P. Cannon and the Emergence of Trotskyism

– In memoriam: Paresh Chattopadhyay

History, Theory and Politics: On Uno Kozo’s Theory of Crisis

– Honoring Mike Davis at UCLA – March 2

– Mutant Ecologies in the Age of Genomic Capital. Sat, February 4 @ 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM, NY time [9-11pm London, 10-12pm EU] – Free zoom link on request here: