3rd Sep, 2021

- Call for Papers: HM 18th annual conference. Deadline for abstracts: Monday 6th September 2021. There won’t be any extensions of the deadline this year so please get your abstracts in asap.


- Call for papers: History of Socialism in the English-speaking Caribbean. The Socialist History Society, The Institute of Commonwealth Studies and The Society for Caribbean Studies will be holding a series of online research seminars with a view to publishing selected papers from the seminars in the journal Socialist History. 500 proposals words should be submitted to info@socialisthistorysociety.co.uk by 15th November 2021.


- Call for Papers: Special issue labour conflict, class and organization, internationally coordinated themed collection by Global Labour Journal, Partecipazione e Conflitto, Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios del Trabajo, & The Economic and Labour Relations Review. Submit abstracts (500 words) by 30 November 2021 to conflictandclass2021@gmail.com.

- The Centre for Systems Studies – Online Mini-Symposium: The Legacy of Alexander Bogdanov From Rediscovery to Full Recovery (Recordings) – Alexander Bogdanov Library


- Reaction and Revolution: Responses to Domenico Losurdo's 'Nietzsche' - YouTube


- Call for Papers: Chile 1973-2023: Contrarrevolución y Resistencia, Editorial Latinoamericana. Favor comunicarse con proyectoeditorialchile2023@gmail.com señalando como "Asunto" el Tomo y la Parte que le interesan al autor o autora.


- Perspectives on Human Rights: recordings of lectures and discussions from the symposium 'The Past, Present and Future of Human Rights', held in May 2021.


- New review just published online in the Marx and Philosophy Review of Books:


- New reviews and an updated list of books for review recently published online in the Marx and Philosophy Review of Books:


- Introduction to Documentary Wang Shiwei: The Buried Writer (2017) by S. Louisa Wei.

MCLC Resource Center: https://u.osu.edu/mclc/2017/01/20/wang-shiwei-documentary/

Director’s Personal Page: https://www.academia.edu/video/k55DMk

- Two New Faculty Positions in the History of Consciousness Department, University of California Santa Cruz.

Department: https://histcon.ucsc.edu/

For complete application information and requirements, and to apply, please see: https://recruit.ucsc.edu/JPF01131