What’s New – 31st July 2023

31st Jul 2023

– Family Abolition: In Conversation with ME O’Brien, 8 August 2023, 10am-12pm PDT | 1-3pm ET/6-8pm BST, Online Event (Zoom). To register:

– Now Online: Where Does Caste Fit in A Global History of Racial Capitalism? By Sheetal Chhabria

Now Online: Commodifying Indigeneity? Settler Colonialism and Racial Capitalism in Fair Trade Farming in Palestine, by Gabi Kirk

– Just out: Interface social movements journal, always free, Open issue.

–  Nancy Fraser discusses capitalism, gender oppression, Marxism, and the post-left populist moment

Capitalism: A Conversation in Critical Theory by Nancy Fraser is out this month from Verso:

Now Online: Otto Karl Werckmeister 1934-2023, by Andrew Hemingway

Now Online: Beyond the Binary of Race and Class: A Marxist Humanist Perspective, by Peter Hudis

Now Online: Racism and State Formation in the Age of Absolutism by Satnam Virdee

Out Now: Mute Compulsion by Søren Mau

Summer of Struggle: 40% Off ALL Haymarket Books

– Out Now: Marx’s Literary Style, by Ludovico Silva

Forthcoming:* Dissident Marxism and Utopian Eco-Socialism in the German Democratic Republic The Intellectual Legacies of Rudolf Bahro, Wolfgang Harich, and Robert Havemann, by Alexander Amberger

* Paperback edition out from Haymarket Books 12 months after the hardback

Now Online: The World Turned Outside In: Settler Colonial Studies and Political Economy, by Jack Davies

Out Now: Red Friends: Internationalists in China’s Struggle for Liberation, by John Sexton

– Out Now: The Ruthless Critique of Everything Existing: Nature and Revolution in Marcuse’s Philosophy of Praxis, by Andrew Feenberg

– Out Now: A Companion to Marx’s Grundrisse, by David Harvey