What’s New – 30th October 2023

30th Oct 2023

– Subjectivation and Cohesion: Towards the Reconstruction of a Materialist Theory of Law, with Sonja Buckel (Kassel University), 13 Nov 2023, 5-7pm, Goldsmiths, University of London, RHB Room 137a

– New issue of the Commons journal, out November. The Russian Invasion and the Ukrainian Left: The Struggle for a Social Ukraine. Commons Journal 13/2023

– New Book: Archaism and Actuality: Japan and the Global Fascist Imaginary By Harry Harootunian

– The “New” Lukács by Andrew Feenberg

– Now online: Reform versus Transformation: Reflections on the Legacy of Corbynism’s Economic Programme, by Mary Robertson     

Call for papers for special issue of Political Theology on “Marx and Revolution.” The deadline for abstracts is 15 December 2023. Please send questions and/or 400 words abstracts to the guest editors Sara-Maria Sorentino ( and Mikkel Flohr (

– Now Online: Nancy Fraser’s Cannibal Capitalism: An Extended Discussion Cannibal Capitalism, By Irina Herb, Dana Abdel-Fatah, Deborshi Chakraborty, and George Edwards

– Now Online: Jon Elster on French Absolutism and its Collapse in 1789. A Review of France Before 1789: The Unraveling of an Absolutist Regime, by Stephen J. Miller

– Now Online: Everything Goes: Three Problems with The Dawn of Everything A Review of The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber and David Wengrow, by Peter Kulchyski

– Now Online: Histories of ‘Everything’. A Review of The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber and David Wengrow, and The Story of Work: A New History of Humankind by Jan Lucassen, by Marcus Bajema

– Now Online: Flashbacks, Fascism and the New Prehistory. Review of Flashback, Eclipse: The Political Imaginary of Italian Art in the 1960s by Romy Golan and Against the Avant-garde: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Contemporary Art and Neocapitalism by Ara Merjian, by Jacopo Galimberti

– Reminder: Online Registration for HM Conference Now Open – Ends 6 November