What’s New – 30th December 2021

30th Dec 2021

– HM 29.4 is now out!
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– Now Out: Karl Marx, Historian of Social Times and Spaces, by George García-Quesada

– Now Out: Aesthetic Thinking: Essays on Intention, Painting, Action, and Ideology, by Fred Orton

– Now Out: Leo Kofler’s Philosophy of Praxis: Western Marxism and Socialist Humanism, by Christoph Jünke – including Six Essays by Leo Kofler Published in English for the First Time

– CALL FOR PAPERS – Dispossessed: A Symposium on Marxism, Culture, Extraction, and Enclosure, University of Warwick, 26th May 2022.

– New Book: Radical Lambeth 1978-1992, by Simon Hannah

– Forums: Workers and the National Question in Ukraine

Forums: Workers and the National Question in Ukraine

– New Book: Richard Westra, Economics, Science and Capitalism

– Anti-Postone, by Michael Sommer

– On line: Special Issue Digital Work – Il Lavoro Digitale – Le Travail Numerique – El Trabajo Digital

– CFP: Ecology and Labour Regimes: RGS-IBG International Conference 202

– New Book: Die Faschisierung des Subjekts Über die Theorie des autoritären Charakters und Heideggers Philosophie des Todes