What’s New – 27th May 2024

27th May 2024

– “Shadows without bodies: war, revolutionary nostalgia, and the challenges of internationalism”, with Dr Christina Heatherton, Wednesday 22 May 2024 6.30pm to 8.00pm, London School of Economics


– CONFRONTING DIGITAL CAPITALISM – TCS Summer School, 4-7 September 2024, Villa Gallia, Como (Italy). Application deadline Monday, 24th May 2024


– A series of short essays focusing on the major books in Jameson’s oeuvre, in celebration of his 90th birthday this year. Featuring Daniel Hartley, Christopher Breu, Kristin Ross and more: https://bit.ly/3wriGSH

– Fredric Jameson’s new book, Inventions of a Present: The Novel in its Crisis of Globalization, is out now https://bit.ly/3QCVMhO

– *Workers’ struggles and capitalist strategies:  Perspectives from Africa and South America in an age of ‘sustainability’*. Workshop organised by Centre on Labour, Sustainability and Global Production, 17 and 18 June 2024 at Queen Mary University of London


– Forthcoming:* The Longest Night Three Generations of Chinese Trotskyists in Defeat, Jail, Exile, and Diaspora. Editors / Translators: Yang Yang and Gregor Benton

*Paperback edition out from Haymarket Books 12 months after the hardback edition


– Forthcoming:* The Narrowest Path Antinomies of Self-Determination in Four Aesthetic Studies, by Omid Mehrgan

*Paperback edition out from Haymarket Books 12 months after the hardback edition