What’s New – 23rd April 2021

23rd Apr 2021

– PLUTO PRESS | Forthcoming online events, with Francoise Verges, Immanuel Ness, Terry Macalister, James Marriott, Peter Fleming, Jules Joanne Gleeson, Elle O’Rourke, Trevor Ngwane, Koni Benson, Robert Ovetz.

– New reviews and an updated list of books for review recently published online in the Marx and Philosophy Review of Books:

– Nominations for this year’s Deutscher Prize (covering publication dates from May 2020 through to April 2021) should be submitted by 1st of May 2021. Please email stating the author, title and publisher of the book, and your reason for nominating it.

– Philosophy and the Event? May ’68 and of the Prague Spring is now available online, with Étienne Balibar, Ivan Landa, Jana Ndiaye Berankova, Michael Hauser, Joe Grim Feinberg, Nick Nesbitt, Vincent Jacques, Jan Mervart.

– Martín Arboleda – Governing Utopia: Planning, Popular Power, and Critical Social Theory.

– Azzellini, Dario (Hg.): Mehr als Arbeitskampf. Workers weltweit gegen
Autoritarismus, Faschismus und Diktatur (VSA 2021)

– New Books Network: Warped Gay Normality and Queer Anti-Capitalism

– CFP: Societas Institute First Inaugural Conference on ‘Socialism Today’, Montevideo, Uruguay, December 18 2021. Submit abstracts by July 15, 2021.

– Love’s Next Meeting – The Forgotten History of Homosexuality and the Left in American Culture.

– Head and Hand: On Alfred Sohn-Rethel

– New Book: Onorato Damen, Gramsci between Marxism and Idealism

– The History of Marxism in Japan w/ Gavin Walker – Part 1

– Three-part interview of Robert Brenner by Dylan Riley