What’s New – 22nd February 2023

22nd Feb 2023

– Struggles in the Concrete – Architecture, Architectural History and the Marxist Tradition An Architecture Space and Society Centre Conference 27-28 April 2023

– Recent HM articles that are temporarily available for free or are Open Access

– The Problem of Class Abstractionism @ Sociological Theory

– Call for Book Chapters: “Contradictions in Policy and Politics in the PRC”

– Podcast: The Second International (1889-1914) with Mike Taber

– News from the International Rosa Luxemburg Society. he German edition of Rosa Luxemburg’s Gesammelte Werke from volume 1.1., 1.2 to volume 7.1, 7.2 – published by Karl Dietz Verlag – is now available online free of charge:

The English edition of the Complete Works published by Verso Publishers with the editor-in-chief of the entire series Prof. Dr. Peter Hudis so far includes 2 volumes on economic issues and 2 volumes on “Revolution”. The publication of the 3rd volume on the topic “Revolution” for the period 1909 to 1919 is planned for the turn of the year 2023/24.

In France, until now the publishers of Collectif Smolny and of Agone have brought out 5 volumes of Œuvres complètes by Rosa Luxemburg. A 6th volume is announced for the end of 2023. After that, Rosa Luxemburg’s letters will be published completely in French, too.

Number 1/2022 of the Journal Actuel Marxhas its focus on “Rosa Luxemburg” with contributions by Jean-Numa Ducange, Michael Löwy, Peter Hudis, Sandra Rein, Marcel Bois, Michael Krätke and others.

Rafael Rodríguez-Prieto (coord.): Democratizar la producciónuna reflexióncrítica sobre el legado de Rosa Luxemburg, [Sevilla] : Atrapasueños , [2022]”

 In Italy, a conference will be held at the University of Pisa, January 24-26, 2023, with the issue “Past and Present: Why Rosa Luxemburg now?”

Socialist History meeting – Utopianism for a Dying Planet, Life After Consumerism. How the Utopian tradition offers answers to today’s environmental crises. 23 February 2023 19:00 London time on-line public meeting. Register: