What’s New – 22nd August 2022

22nd Aug 2022

– Contested Concepts of Property in Past & Present, 4-5.10.2022, in Jena.

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– Call for Applications from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s International Research Group on Authoritarianism and Counter-Strategies (IRGAC) for postdoctoral fellowships at research institutions in countries in the Global South. Application deadline: 24 August 2022

– IIRE Seminar Series on Imperialism:


Time: 15.00 (Amsterdam), The events will be in English and will be recorded.

20/08, Peter Drucker on the Marxist conception of imperialism and the role of the USA.

21/08 Pierre Rousset on the rise of China.

22/08 Catherine Samary on Ukraine and the anti-imperialist left.

23/08 Ilya Matveev on ‘Russian imperialism’ and the situation inside Russia.

– Historical Materialism is looking for German-speaking scholars and students of Marxist theory and labor history to write internal reviews of German books under consideration for our book series. Internal reviews are typically about 1500–2000 words, and we pay 100 GBP per review. If you are interested please send an email to

– Volume on the German 1968 revolutionary and SDS activist Hans-Jürgen Krahl was published two weeks ago: 

“Für Hans-Jürgen Krahl. Beiträge zu seinem antiautoritären Marxismus”

(For Hans-Jürgen Krahl. Contributions on His Anti-Authoritarian Marxism)

Edited by Meike Gerber, Emanuel Kapfinger and Julian Volz

– New Publication: The Price of Slavery: Capitalism and Revolution in the Caribbean by Nick Nesbitt.

Further information on the book:

A presentation of the book at Virginia’s “Author’s Corner”:

– Revolutionaries, Resistance Fighters and Firebrands: The radical Jewish tradition

– Dissenting Traditions Essays on Bryan D. Palmer, Marxism, and History