What’s New – 20th June 2023

20th Jun 2023

– Humanities under Attack – Free Online Workshop, June 22nd at 12-5.30pm BST. Speakers lined-up so far include: Stefan Collini, Peter Hallward, Esther Leslie, Joseph North, Kate Aughterson, Helen Dixon, Feyzi Ismail, Bob Brecher, Ben Highmore.
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– “What is it?” Riccardo Bellofiore on Value & Exploitation

– II International Leon Trotsky Meeting – CFP

– Now Online: Latin American Development in Historical Perspective Capital Accumulation through Primary-Commodity Production and Ground-Rent Appropriation In: Historical Materialism Author: Nicolás Grinberg

– Marx in the Field paperback edition 2023

– Deconstructing Postmodernist Nietzscheanism, Deleuze and Foucault, by Jan Rehmann, from Haymarket Books directly at a 30% discount: 

– Now Online: Value, Exchange, and Heinrich’s ‘New Reading of Marx’: Remarks on Marx’s Value-Theory, 1867–72 In: Historical Materialism Authors: Barbara Lietz and Winfried Schwarz

– To be published by Matador in September 2023: Communist Dissidents in Early Soviet Russia: Five documents translated and introduced by Simon Pirani. Pre-order:

A free PDF, and a free PDF of a Russian language edition, will be available once the book is out:

– “Marx, Marxists, Marxisms and Race” 21-22 June