what’s new? – 20th January 2021

21st Jan 2021

– Theory in Crisis Seminar: Alberto Toscano, ‘Fascist Times’ Talk:

– The Institute of Contemporary History (IHC), a leading Portuguese research centre in the field of Modern and Contemporary History, welcomes applications for six-years Research Contracts, funded by the FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology, acting as host institution in the framework of the fourth edition of the Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus (

– Prospective applicants should present their research plan bearing in mind the IHC’s scientific agenda, as reflected on its Thematic Lines ( and Research Groups (, as well as the conditions set forth in the Stimulus of Scientific Employment programme.

– Now Out: Andrew Bonnell’s Red Banners, Books and Beer Mugs: The Mental World of German Social Democrats, 1863–1914 | Bril:

– CLCWeb is calling for papers for a new special issue titled “Periodizing the Present: The 2020s, the Longue Durée, & Contemporary Culture”. This special issue builds on recent research in materialist cultural studies that  deploy comparative and transnational approaches, seeking to theorise the current moment via analyses of new and/or reactivated genres (such as pandemic narratives or apocalyptic fiction). Abstracts are due by February 28th. More information about the special issue can be found at:

– Now Out: Circling Marx: Essays 1980-2020 | Brill:

– The Centre on Labour and Global Production is pleased to share the video recording of Jairus Banaji’s A Brief History of Commercial Capitalism (HaymarketBooks 2020). Please access the recording via our website:

– Now Out: Cultural Hegemony in a Scientific World – Gramscian Concepts for the History of Science | Brill: