What’s New – 19th August 2023

19th Aug 2023

– Now Online: Losing Power: The Workers’ Opposition in the Russian Communist Party. A Review of The Workers’ Opposition in the Russian Communist Party: Documents, 1919–30, edited and translated by Barbara C. Allen By Daniel Gaido

– Now Online: The Species above Constraints: A Review of The Dawn of Everything – A New History of Humanity by David Graeber and David Wengrow By Markar Melkonian

– Review of Eric Blanc’s Revolutionary Social Democracy

– Now Out: Claiming the City: A Global History of Workers’ Fight for Municipal Socialism, by Shelton Stromquist

– Now Out: After Black Lives Matter: Policing and Anti-Capitalist Struggle, by Cedric G. Johnson

– Reading Mandel: Ian Parker reviews a new book about the work of Ernest Mandel

– Now Out: Classes, by Erik Olin Wright

– Now Out: The Production of Subjectivity, by Jason Read

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– Clara Zetkin: The Women’s and Women Workers’ Question of our Time, Translated and introduced by Ben Lewis