What’s New – 18th September 2021

18th Sep 2021

– CFP: Georges Sorel: a Century of Debate.

– Marxism & Sciences: A Journal of Nature, Culture, Human and Society – CFP

– ‘Revisiting Gramsci’s Notebooks’ by Francesca Antonini, Aaron Bernstein, Lorenzo Fusaro and Robert Jackson (eds) reviewed by Michael Deckard – Marx & Philosophy Society

– New reviews and an updated list of books for review recently published online in the Marx and Philosophy Review of Books

– ‘Mao Zedong Thought’ by Wang Fanxi reviewed by Fabian Van Onzen – Marx & Philosophy Society

– Subaltern Social Groups: A Critical Edition of Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Notebook 25. Edited and translated by Joseph A. Buttigieg and Marcus E. Green. 20% discount, Promo code: CUP20