What’s New – 17th November 2021

17th Nov 2021

– Historical Materialism Istanbul 2022, 15th-17th April: Systemic Fragilities and Strategies for Resistance: Power, Poverty, Climate, and Pandemics. The Conference will be held at Kadir Has University and the CFP will follow in December. See you there!

– As part of the Haymarket Books Holiday Sale, all books in the Historical Materialism Book Series are currently 40% Off. 
For easy browsing, we have put together a reading guide organized by topic. You can find that here:
And a full list of all HM titles can be found here:
This offer will be good through January 1st.

– Now Out: Henryk Grossman Works, Volume 3, The Law of Accumulation and Breakdown of the Capitalist System, Being also a Theory of Crises. Translated by Jairus Banaji and Rick Kuhn

– Now Out: The German Left and Aesthetic Politics – Cultural Politics between the Second and Third Internationals by Martin I. Gaughan

– Now Out: The Disenchanted Earth: Reflections on Ecosocialism & Barbarism by Richard Seymour

– Strategic Lessons of Revolutionary Social Democracy

– The Fascist Threat: In the U.S. and Brazil. Sunday November 21, 2021, 6-9:00 PM, Los Angeles Time, with Barbara Epstein and Rhaysa Ruas

– Rosa Luxemburg and feeding a translator

– Philosophy and the Rise of Fascism: A Symposium on Lukács’s Destruction of Reason, 1-3 February 2022, 5:00 – 8:00 pm (New York time), with Mariana Teixeira, Vanessa Wills, Dirk Moses, Adrian Johnston, Daniel Lopez, Ishay Landa, Margit Köves, Carl Sachs & Tijana Okić.