What’s New – 16th May 2023

16th May 2023

Marx, Hegel and Dialectic: Two additional lectures (Online): Sean  Sayers, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Kent

Call out for a New Organising Conference: Over the weekend of 8 -10 September 2023, the Ella Baker School of Organising and the Labour Rights Project of the Network for Social Change are convening a New Organising Conference, bringing together a wide range of players in the field of workplace justice, including academics, third sector organisations, rank and file reps and union staff.

Decarbonising the Downturn: The Contradictions of Green Capitalism Today – Talk, Wednesday, 17th May – 16.00-18.00 (BST), Online / Room 0.01, The Oculus, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL

Red May Seattle 2023

CfP: Special Issue for the journal Sexualities: Queer Immunities/Immunologies, Queer Virology

Forthcoming:* Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism – A Selection. Editors: Konstantin Baehrens, Juha Koivisto, and Victor Strazzeri. Volume Editors: Frigga Haug, Wolfgang-Fritz Haug, Peter Jehle, and Wolfgang Küttler 

* Paperback edition out from Haymarket Books 12 months after hardback

David Harvey on capital, theory, and becoming a Marxist: 

David Harvey on Marx’s Grundrisse:

David Harvey’s Companion to Marx’s Grundrisse builds upon his widely acclaimed companions to the first and second volumes of Capital. Read more about that book here 

Marxist Feminist Stream at the 20th Annual HM Conference, 9–12 November 2023, SOAS, Russell Square, Central London.Deadline for abstracts: Monday 12 June 2023. The stream welcomes submissions for panels and individual papers. Abstracts should be under 300 words, and submissions should indicate that it is for the “Marxist Feminist Stream.”

R.I.P. Michael A. Lebowitz (1937 – 2023). He was a great and stalwart friend of Historical Materialism journal, and, in his honour, the following pieces have been made temporarily available for free. We also encourage you to read the symposium on his book “Beyond ‘Capital’” 

and his other books, including the one published in the HM Book Series: and

The Politics of Beyond ‘Capital’

The Politics of Assumption, the Assumption of Politics 

Holloway’s Scream: Full of Sound and Fury

The Silences of Capital

Trapped inside the Box? Five Questions for Ben Fine 

The Incomplete Marx by Felton Shortall 

Answering Shortall

In Brenner, Everything Is Reversed 

The Bolivarian Process in Venezuela: A Left Forum

Riccardo Bellofiore: The Rashomon Effect: The Sraffa-Marx Puzzle

The launch of (ed.) Gabriella Paolucci,   Bourdieu and Marx: Practices of Critique, Palgrave MacMillan (2022), will be held at the Old Theatre, Old Building, London School of Economics, Houghton St. London WC2A2AE on Thursday 18th May 2023: 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm:

‘The Specter of Materialism: Queer Theory and Marxism in the Age of the Beijing Consensus’ — An Online Event with Petrus Liu, 6 June 2023 | 21-23:00 BST

Online Event (Zoom). To register:

Buy ‘Lenin, Hegel, and Western Marxism – A Critical Study’, by Kevin B. Anderson, from Haymarket Books directly at a 30% discount: 

Buy ‘Gramsci Contested -Interpretations, Debates, and Polemics, 1922-2012’, by Guido Liguori from Haymarket Books directly at a 30% discount: 

Buy ‘James P. Cannon and the Emergence of Trotskyism in the United States, 1928-38’, by Bryan D. Palmer, from Haymarket Books directly at a 30% discount: 

Buy ‘Karel Kosík and the Dialectics of the Concrete’ Edited by Joseph Grim Feinberg, Ivan Landa, and Jan Mervart, from Haymarket Books directly at a 30% discount:

“What is it?” Intrinsic Value, Absolute Value, and Exploitation. A talk by RiccardoBellofiore. Wednesday 25 May, 4-6pm, King’s College London. Room S0.13, Strand Building, London WC2R 2LS and online.

Buy ‘The Moderate Bolshevik – Mikhail Tomsky from The Factory to the Kremlin, 1880-1936’, by Charters Wynn from Haymarket Books directly at a 30% discount: