What’s New – 16th July 2021

16th Jul 2021

– Haymarket Books 30% discount on Historical Materialism Title:

– Sarah Jaffe hosts… Guerrilla Democracy: Mobile Power and Revolution in the 21st Century, Tuesday, July 20, 2021 – 18:30 to 20:00, Register:

More information on the book here:

– Introduction to Marxist Theory by Ernest Mandel:

– ‘Nietzsche, the Aristocratic Rebel: Intellectual Biography and Critical Balance-Sheet’ by Domenico Losurdo reviewed by Rory Jeffs:

– Covid, Climate, Chronic Emergency: Antinomies of the State, Red May 2021:

– The Russian revolution: how emancipatory hopes and antisemitic poison overlapped:

– Podcast: Alexander Shlyapnikov: An Old Working-Class Bolshevik:

– New book (French): Capitalism and Mental Governance:

– New Book: Christos Memos, Global Economic Crisis as Social Hieroglyphic: Genesis, Constitution and Regressive Progress: