What’s New – 13th September 2023

13th Sep 2023

– It’s still imperialism, stupid, Thursday 14 – Friday 15 September 2023, King’s College London. Places are limited, if you would like to attend, please email:

– Insurgents and Intellectuals: Thought and Practice on the Left in US History. A Conference in Honor of Howard Brick

– Daniel Bensaïd and the Renewal of Marxism, with Darren Roso

– State Capitalism and Development in East Asia since 1945. Historical Materialism Book Series volume 282, edited by Owen Miller

– Conference: Racial Capitalism: Marxism meets Postcolonial Studies – University of Kassel, 5th & 6th October. Registration by 4th of September: 

– Special issue: Jairus Banaji’s A Brief History of Commercial Capitalism

You can access it here:
Or download the full file by clicking on the yellow lock icon in the table of contents:

Global Neoliberal Capitalism and the Alternatives by David Lane is available from Bristol University Press. Chapters 3 and 16 are available Open Access.

One Thousand and One Nights of the Totality: A History and Class Consciousness online Marathon: An online event on the Historical Materialism YouTube channel.18, 20 and 22 Sep. 2023, Sessions at 18h-19h30 and 20h30-21h45 (GMT + 1 – UK Time). Register:

– Strategy, Temporality and Collective Learning: An Alternative Proposal for the Future of UCU Campaigns in the UK, by Demet Sahende Dinler