What’s New – 13th April 2023

13th Apr 2023

– Alameda Launch Event, Monday, 24 April 2023, at 7pm, at Rich Mix (35-47 Bethnal Grn Rd, London).Please use this link to confirm your attendance.

– Now Out: Marx’s Literary Style by Ludovico Silva

– Now Out: Mute Compulsion by Søren Mau

– Now Out: Collected Works, Volume 4 by Lenin

– Now Out: A Companion to Marx’s Grundrisse by David Harvey

– Now Out: The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg Volume IV: Political Writings 2 by Rosa Luxembourg

– Now Out: Henri Lefebvre and the Theory of the Production of Space by Christian Schmid

– Now Out: Claiming the City by Shelton Stromquist

– Now Out: The Ruthless Critique of Everything Existing by Andrew Feenberg

– Upcoming: Communism and Strategy by Isabelle Garo

– Upcoming: The Politics and Poetics of Everyday Life by Kristin Ross

– Upcoming: Class War by Mark Steven

– Upcoming: Transclasses by Chantal Jaquet

– Upcoming: Travellers of the World Revolution by Brigitte Studer

VENUE: Housman’s  Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Rd, London, N1 9DY; near Kings
Cross stations **   

– Forthcoming:* Henryk Grossman Works, Volume 4- Writings on Economic and Social History by Henryk Grossman 

* Paperback edition from Haymarket Books out 12 months after the hardback edition

– Now Online: Latin American Development in Historical Perspective – Capital Accumulation through Primary-Commodity Production and Ground-Rent Appropriation by Nicolás Grinberg