5th Oct, 2023

- Virtual Book Talk with Gilbert Achcar on The New Cold War, in online conversation with host Sadia Abbas (CES, Rutgers) and guest Simon Pirani. Register here:


- Discussion of Theodore Allen’s ‘The Kernel and Meaning’: A Strategic Critique of U.S. Labor History, Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 pm   28 Sept, 5, 12, 19, 26 October. Before Theodore W. Allen published his well-known The Invention of the White Race, he drafted "The Kernel and Meaning: A Contribution to a Proletarian Critique of U.S. Historiography."


- Lukács – History and Class Consciousness: An on-line talk to mark anniversary of the book’s publication, by Andrew Feenberg. Monday October 23rd 2023 at 8pm London time [12 noon Pacific time] All welcome, but you will need to register:

- Daniel Loick discusses his new book, The Abuse of Property (MIT Press, 2023), with Brenna Bhandar and Jacob Blumenfeld. Video: 




- Paul Clammer, Black Crown: Henri Christophe, the Haitian Revolution and the Caribbean’s Forgotten Kingdom, Wed, 18 Oct 2023 17:30 - 19:00 BST, On-line, register here:

- A video of an online forum (sponsored by Haymarket Books and Pluto Press) on Lenin: Preparing for Catastrophe, Forging Revolution -- featuring Paul Le Blanc, Jodi Dean, Linda Loew, and Cliff Connolly -- can be accessed through this You Tube link: 


- Reform, Revolution, and Opportunism: Debates in the Second International, 1900-1910. Edited by Mike Taber.Buy from Haymarket Books directly at a 30% discount:


- Sessions 1-4 of the Lukacs and History and Class Consciousness Marathon

- New book: Dismantling Green Colonialism: Energy and Climate Justice in the Arab region - Hamza Hamouchene & Katie Sandwell. It will be officially out with Pluto Press on 20th October. For pre-orders with a 30% discount, please use code GREEN30 on Pluto’s website: