Viewpoint Magazine fundraiser

15th May 2017

Viewpoint Magazine has launched a fundraiser



Viewpoint Magazine is a militant research collective that publishes on the history and theory of class struggle. We aim to understand these struggles in the present, to critically reconstruct radical history, and to reinvent Marxism for our time. We also aim to produce useful resources for movements on the left, and also to create a platform for those movements to share experiences and learn from each other.

For more than five years, since our beginnings in the Occupy movement, Viewpoint has been purely volunteer-run and self-funded. We have published five large thematic issues, plus a regular stream of blog essaystranslations, and archival content. Our editorial team has gone from two volunteers to eleven, with numerous contributing editors and content from hundreds of authors.

With the election of Donald Trump, and amidst an increased level of global politicization, we think it is essential to deliver even more content for a growing left, and to expand our horizons. This means we need resources from our amazing readers and supporters like you. Funding will help us with a few things in particular:

  • To maintain the security and stability of our website. We recently migrated to a larger server, and the editorial collective is funding this ourselves at the moment.
  • To publish pamphlets of some of our popular articles. Many have also requested printed versions of Viewpoint materials. In addition to publishing some of our issues in book form, a process which is underway, we would like to create some more easily circulated versions of articles — particularly for use in the context of political organizing.
  • To increase our presence at more conferences and political gatherings in order to distribute these materials and publicize the Viewpoint project.
  • To fund new projects. In the longer term, we would like to pursue inquiries of different sectors of the working class and various movements, meaning we need resources for travel and other research materials.
  • To hire staff. To publish consistently, we need a part time staffer to help coordinate our editorial work and ensure that we can keep up with the rapid pace of political events.

Patreon works through monthly donations, where users pledge a certain recurring amount. Anything you can give — even just $1 per month — will be a huge help in allowing Viewpoint to grow. It’s only until we expropriate the expropriators anyhow. 

The increasing popularity of radical publications in recent months has shown that there is a space and a desire for Marxist ideas — both new and recovered — in the US and around the world. Viewpoint humbly hopes to continue to serve as a place where people can explore these ideas. With your support, we’ll be able to do so.