New Book

US TROTSKYISM: Emergence, Endurance, Resurgence

19th Aug 2018

Coming soon from the Historical Materialism Book Series (first with Brill, then Haymarket Books)


US TROTSKYISM: Emergence, Endurance, Resurgence


Three Volumes of Primary Sources

edited by

Paul Le Blanc, Bryan Palmer, Thomas Bias, Andrew Pollack

A remarkable documentary trilogy, providing vibrant resources from the vantage-point of those influenced by Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky is now available on the 90th anniversary of the birth of US Trotskyism, also on the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Fourth International (global network of Trotskyist groups). For scholars and activists eager to comprehend the rich traditions of American radicalism and its multifaceted national and global contexts, these volumes – the heart of a six-volume series on dissident Marxism in the United States – is an incredibly rich resource for those seeking to understand intersecting struggles of labor, black liberation, women’s rights, and others – to achieve “liberty and justice for all.”

Such things come alive through 170 primary sources from passionate activists: editorials, resolutions, reportage, research, polemics, court testimony, book reviews, letters, and more. Accounts of contemporary political, social, economic and cultural developments are combined, here, with substantial contributions to the study history and the development of Marxist theory. Also covered are internal debates and splits among the Trotskyists, as well as confrontations and convergences with other currents on the Left. The editors have placed primary sources in historical context, with reference to decades of scholarship and interpretation, helping create a framework for deeper understanding and further study.

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