THIS WEEKEND: Historical Materialism NYC

17th Apr 2017

Historical Materialism New York starts this Friday, April 21st, at NYU with its opening plenary ‘Class Composition and Strategy Today.’

The conference, titled ‘Resurgent Radicalism in a Polarized World,’ will feature dozens of important panels and discussions across the weekend, including sessions organized by co-sponors, Verso Books, Haymarket Books, Viewpoint Magazine, Jacobin, Salvage, and others. 

Featured speakers include: Cinzia Arruzza, George, Ciccariello-Maher, Joshua Clover, Drucilla Cornell, Nancy Fraser, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Agnes Heller, Morgane Merteul, Kim Moody, Anwar Shaikh, Beverly Silver, Nikhil Singh, Jeffery Webber, and more.  

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