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The Petrograd Workers in the Russian Revolution: February 1917 – June 1918

3rd Mar 2019

The Petrograd Workers in the Russian Revolution: February 1917 – June 1918

David Mandel

• $36 / £31.99 • 9781608460069 • 400 Pages

Historical Materialism, new in paperback catalogue: 

Two definitive works on the early days of the Russian Revolution, now collected in one captivating volume.

The Petrograd Workers in the Russian Revolution is a study of the Russian Revolutions of 1917 and of the first months of Soviet power as viewed and experienced ‘from below’, by the industrial workers of Petrograd, Russia’s capital and the centre of its revolutionary movement. Based largely on contemporary sources, it lets the workers speak for themselves, showing them as conscious, creative subjects of the revolutionary process, indeed, as the leading force of the revolution. In doing so, it sheds light on the nature and role of the Bolshevik party as an authentic workers’ organization that by the summer of 1917 had become the leading political force among workers.

Revised and expanded edition of two books published in English,: The Petrograd Workers and the Fall of the Old Regime (Macmillan, 1983) andThe Petrograd Workers and the Soviet Seizure of Power (Macmillan, 1984).

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David Mandel, PhD. (1977), Columbia University, is a professor of political science and a labour activist. He has authored monographs and articles on politics and labour in revolutionary Russia, the Soviet Union, and in post-Soviet Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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