New Book

The Necessity and Freedom Dialectic in Hegel and Marx

14th Dec 2018

The Necessity and Freedom Dialectic in Hegel and Marx: Marxist-Humanism and Critical Theory in the United States

By Russell Rockwell

Chapters on Dunayevskaya-Marcuse-Fromm correspondence; Herbert Marcuse on Hegel; Marcuse on Marx; Habermas on the Grundrisse;  Moishe Postone on the Grundrisse; Postone on Capital

Editorial Reviews

“Russell Rockwell’s book is a rigorous and pathbreaking examination of Hegel and Marx’s philosophies of necessity and freedom as interpreted by the Critical Theory tradition. It offers the most thorough analysis to date of the unjustly neglected Marcuse-Dunayevskaya correspondence, and builds on this foundation to offer insightful appraisals of Marcuse, Habermas, and Moishe Postone’s theories of value, labor, automation, and the human in late capitalism. Essential reading for anyone interested in the critique of Marx and Hegel in Frankfurt School Critical Theory.”

(Nick Nesbitt, Professor, Comparative Literature, Princeton University, USA)

“Rockwell’s ambitious study will remain essential reading for anyone concerned with the fundamental question of necessity and freedom, and for those generally interested in Marx’s critical social theory, Hegelian dialectics, Critical Theory and Marxist-Humanism.”

(Shannon Brincat, Senior Lecturer, Politics and International Relations, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia)