New Book

The Labour Party in Historical Perspective

11th Jul 2018

New Publication from the SOCIALIST HISTORY SOCIETY

The Labour Party in Historical Perspective

SHS Occasional Publication No 42


This new publication from the Socialist History Society consists of seven original research papers on various aspects of Labour Party history. The Labour Party in Historical Perspective has been produced in the belief that today’s generation of political activists can learn a great deal from the party’s history and its struggles from its earliest years to the present period. The contributors, all broadly sympathetic to the party but with no common position, address issues such as Labour’s record in office, its political ideology, its main influences, its support in different regions and controversial policy areas like trade union law and foreign affairs.

The Labour Party in Historical Perspective seeks to make a positive and informed contribution to the debates within the party and the wider labour movement that are ongoing about the Labour Party’s purpose, political programme and future policy direction.


The Labour Party in Historical Perspective – By Willie Thompson

The Origins of Jeremy Corbyn – By Graham Taylor

The Rising Sun of Socialism: The emergence of the Labour Movement in the textile belt of the West Riding of Yorkshire c.1890-1914 – By Keith Laybourn

Liverpool Labour – By John Belchem

Labour and Communist Politics in the City of Oxford between the Wars – By Duncan Bowie

The Labour Party and the Law on Strikes: From Taff Vale 1901 to the 2016 Trade Union Act, via In Place of Strife 1969 – By Dave Lyddon

Intellectuals and the Making of Labour Foreign Policy: The Forgotten Career of Leonard Woolf – By David Morgan

Published: June 2018   Available from the SHS price £6.00