The International Newsletter of Communist Studies Online XXII/XXIII (2016/2017), no. 29-30

31st Jul 2017

Issue 20167/2017 (no. 29-30) of The International Newsletter of Communist Studies has just been published and is available at their open access platform:

The new issue, encompassing 231 pages, features news and reports on communist studies and relevant archival holdings, reviews and review essays, project presentations and article contributions, as well as the new instalment of the International Bibliography of Communist Studies, featuring over 950 publications from the years 2015/16. For more information on the current issue as well as the International Newsletter’s plans for the future, please see the editorial of the current issue. We would like to remind you that the deadline for contributions to the 2018 issue of the Newsletter is *31 March, 2018*. We are looking forward to receiving any sort of relevant information and contributions from our readers before 31 March, 2018, including news on archives and institutions, project presentations, announcements of new publications, bibliographic items from the years 2016-2017, suggestions for book reviews, and proposals for articles on aspects of communist history, socialist internationalism, and cultural cosmopolitism.