Call for Papers

The Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism is looking for authors

31st Oct 2018

The Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism

is looking for authors for the following three articles to be included in the upcoming volume 9/II:

1. The article on “National Road to Socialism (China)” (as one part of the overall entry on National Road to Socialism; in German: nationaler Weg zum Sozialismus) should portray Mao’s theoretical conceptions and practical politics regarding the “national road to socialism” (and also take into account alternatives discussed at his times) as well as the pertinent developments during the reform processes since the end of the 1970s till today. Of special interest are the discussions within the Communist Party of China and the Chinese social sciences.

2. The article “Nature” (in German: Natur) should depict the emergence and development of the use of the term “nature” throughout the history of philosophy and, wherever appropriate and necessary, explicitly address the perils and depths of the term. A substantial part of the article should be devoted to Marx.

3. The article on “Barter Economy” (in German: Naturalwirtschaft) should cover the barter economy as the economic basis of pre-capitalist societies since the Neolithic revolution in the context of Marx’s analysis of the preconditions for the development of capitalism (Grundrisse, Capital, Ethnological Notebooks) and Engels’s studies on prehistory (The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State). In addition, the subsequent Marxist research and debates on this topic should be portrayed and also presented within the general development of pertinent research.

The length of each article should be about 3000-4000 words.

The respective first drafts are due by February 2019 and the final versions by August 2019. The articles could be written in any language and will be translated into German.

Any offers or suggestions are welcome. If you are interested please apply by email to with a short CV.

For further information on the project please visit the HKWM website at

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