Call for Papers

The 65th Annual Conference of the Japan Society of Political Economy (JSPE)

28th Feb 2017

The 65th Annual Conference of the Japan Society of Political Economy (JSPE)

Capital (150 years)・Imperialism (100 years) and the Critique of Capitalism

October 28 (Saturday) and 29 (Sunday), 2017

Chuo University,

742-1 Higashinakano Hachioji-shi, Tokyo Japan


This year marks 150 years since the publication of Marx’s Capital and 100 years since the publication of Lenin’s Imperialism. Both books have played essential roles in advancing knowledge of capitalism both theoretically and historically. Yet, intense controversy has swirled around the legacies of each. However, the most precise understanding to date is that we should analyse the deep structural operating system of capitalism grounded in Marx’s Capital as the basic theory of capitalism. Lenin’s Imperialism is best apprehended as the pioneering attempt to build a stage theory of capitalist development. In the 65th annual conference of the JSPE we will discuss the importance of the two books. The conference is devoted to furthering our understanding of capitalism in its most fundamental incarnation, stages of development, and the historical trajectories of contemporary capitalist economies under neoliberal globalisation with continuing to find themselves mired in crisis, austerity, and burgeoning inequalities.

Plenary Speaker:

Professor David Harvey (City University of New York), the 2016 JSPE-Routledge Book Prize winner.

The JSPE-Routledge Book Prize honours works that promote the study of heterodox economics throughout the world and challenges the dominant position of orthodox neo-classical economics among economists and policy-makers.


JSPE invites proposals for its English sessions in the following categories:

English Sessions I: Topics relating to the plenary session such as:

(a) On Marx’s Capital

(b) On Lenin’s Imperialism

(c) Capitalism through the prism of stage theory and historical analysis

(d) Contemporary capitalist economies under neoliberal globalisation

English Sessions II: JSPE invites all proposals reflecting the tradition and analytical perspective of JSPE which includes.

(a) Basic theories of political economy

(b) Historical developments in the critique of political economy and economics

(c) Critical analysis of current political economic problems and policy challenges, including crisis, financial instability, economic development, inequality, socialism, gender, environment, and climate change


Submission Procedures and the Deadline:

Proposals should reach the JSPE International Committee by 8 May 2017 at the latest.

When submitting your proposal, please include:

(a) The title of the proposed paper;

(b) Your name and academic affiliation;

(c) Your e-mail and postal address;

(d) An abstract (up to 500 words).

Notification of acceptance will be sent by 30 June.


Deadline of Full paper: The full paper (A4, no more than 20 pages) and the extended abstract (A4, 1 page) in Word format must be submitted by 6 September 2017.


Cost: Attendants will pay their conference fee (6000 yen per person including the conference dinner), as well as their own transportation, accommodation and other personal expenses.


Chuo University is located in Tokyo, Japan.

742-1 Higashinakano Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0393 Japan
Mitsugu Yoneda



Contact: Prof. Hiroyasu Uemura (Chairman of the JSPE International Committee)