Support the New antifascist film from the team that made “Golden Dawn – A Personal Affair”

5th Jul 2019

Some of you attended the screening of the film “Golden Dawn – A Personal Affair” in May 2016 in London (SOAS), introduced by the director, Angelique Kourounis, and  organised by the Antifascist Action for Greece.

At present the director and her team are making a new documentary that highlights the rise of Golden Dawn and of the Neo Nazis and the far-right across Europe as an issue that is everyone’s affair – hence the title “Golden Dawn – A Public Affair” – and  addresses the question how to resist the rise of fascism.

The team are seeking funding to facilitate the completion of the film. Please disseminate the following link as widely as possible and in your social media accounts and contribute to the fundraising effort – every pound/euro counts and will help the completion of the film. Details are provided in: