Call for Papers

Spectrum: Journal of Global Studies

13th Nov 2017

Call for Papers

Spectrum: Journal of Global Studies is a critical journal of IR published
biannually by the International Relations Research Foundation. Spectrum
welcomes critical theoretical papers, review papers and technical notes
from researchers and academicians from all over the world. All articles in
the journal undergo rigorous peer-review based on refereeing by at least
two anonymous referees.

Spectrum now invites papers for its Vol.9 /  Issues 1 and 2 which are
scheduled to be published in Summer 2018 and Autumn 2018 respectively. 
The general theme of the following two issues will be The Geopolitics of
Capitalism: IR Theory and the Specter of Capital. We wellcome
contributions from  Marxist, feminist, postcolonial/decolonial, critical
race theory, queer theory, engagements with the international and
geopolitical dimensions of capitalism’s origins, development, reproduction
and crises from (mostbroadly understood) IR perspectives.

Within this framework, we ask for papers that deal but are not limited to
one of the following themes:

– Spatial logic(s) and dynamics of capitalism and their relationship to IR
– Primitive accumulation and geopolitics
– Geopolitics and international relations in the development of capitalism
– Capitalism, ‘the international’, and history-writing
– Sex, space and race in the (international) history of capitalist
– Foreign policymaking and class conflict
– IR theory, capitalism and the problem of Eurocentrism
– Debating the nature of capitalism and its implications for IR
– Neoliberal capitalism, political subjectivity and international relations
– International perspectives on the making and reproduction of ‘racial
– Race, class and gender in the colonies
– Imperialism, colonialism and ‘war capitalism’
– Security aspects of global capitalism
– Hegemony, passive revolution and IR
– International relations and the ├žapitalocene
– Capitalist crises and world politics

The deadline for submission for the Spring 2018 Issue is February 28, 2018
and the deadline for the autumn issue is June 30, 2018.

Please send your articles directly to the following e-mail address:

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