Second Japanese Political Economy Workshop- Tokyo, 6 July

16th Jun 2018

The Second Japanese Political Economy Workshop with Professor Costas Lapavitsas will be held at Musashi University (Toyotama-kami 1-26-1, Nerima-Ku, Tokyo) on 6 July 2018.

13:00-13:10    Introduction
13:10-14:00    Myles Carroll (York University, Canada) “Production, reproduction and crisis in Heisei Japan.”
14:10-15:00    Kostiantyn Ovsiannikov (University of Tsukuba) “Impact of Shareholder-value Pursuit on Labour Policies at Japanese Joint-Stock Companies: Case of NIKKEI INDEX 400.”
15:20 -17:00    Costas Lapavitsas (SOAS, UK) ” Financialisation at a Watershed in the USA.”

Contact: Nobuharu Yokokawa (Musashi Univeristy)