Salvage Fundraiser

22nd Feb 2019

Salvage magazine is undertaking a modest relaunch, beginning with a Patreon campaign to raise funds. Salvage is run by a very small team of (four) people, all of whom exchange their labour for payment elsewhere. Since its inception, Salvage has been squeezed into the hours between, and has necessarily suffered when the other demands on our time have encroached on Salvage’s already slim portion. Salvage requires more consistent attention and work if it is to appear more regularly. We are hugely proud of what we have done so far, but this year we want to do more, and for that, we will need resources. Quite apart from needing to fund some of the donated editorial and organisational labour that has hitherto kept Salvage going, there are other changes we are eager to make:

* We will be supplementing our new twice-yearly publication schedule with new monthly online editorials. * We will be redesigning and revamping our website, including to allow our subscribers to update their details directly. * While we have, on principle, always paid our contributors, with more income we intend to offer a good deal more, doubling our current small fee, as a start. * Since all of our back issues are either already sold out or will be soon, we would like to make these available again, by whatever means and in whatever forms we can. * We intend as soon as practicable to expand Salvage’s operations to include a regular podcast – one just as painstakingly and lovingly produced as is the periodical itself. * And we have other plans, too, including to ramp up our official presence at political and cultural events, and, as soon as possible, to host our own events and conferences.

To these ends we appeal to those who find value in what we do: if you can support us financially (, thank you so very much. Over on our Patreon page, ( you can sign up ( for early access monthly editorials ($3 a month), early access to bi-weekly website content ($5 a month), PDF versions of our back issues ($10 a month), a print subscription ($20 a month), merchandise and a Salvage greeting card ($50 a month). You can also see what we plan to do with the money when we reach various milestones. If you value Salvage and what we have been able to do so far, and if you’d like to see what we will do with more resources, we are asking you two things: please sign up to give what you can afford to give ( , and please share our Patreon campaign ( with your comrades.