Salvage #4 launch event­ with guests Andreas Malm, Richard Seymour, Hannah Elsisi and Caitlin Doherty

22nd Feb 2017

Salvage #4 – with Rosie Warren, Andreas Malm, Richard Seymour, Hannah Elsisi and Caitlin Doherty

Friday 10th March 19:00 – 20:30 at London – Piccadilly


Salvage is new a quarterly of revolutionary arts and letters. Edited and written by and for the desolated left, Salvage is for those committed to radical change. Publishing essays, poetry, art and fiction without sectarian, stylistic or formal constraint – this is a journal for writers and readers who cleave to liberation.

To celebrate the publication of Issue #4: Order Prevails in Washington, join Salvage editors and contributors to discuss the project and the state of contemporary left politics today.

Featuring talks and discussions from Andreas Malm, Richard Seymour and Hannah Elsisi, and poetry from Caitlín Doherty.

This event is free, but please RSVP by email events.piccadilly@waterstones.com or by telephone 020 7851 2400




SALVAGE #4 is available to purchase from www.salvage.zone


Perspectives 4: Order Prevails in Washington – the Editors

Saturn Devours His Young: President Trump by Jamie Allinson, China Miéville, Richard Seymour & Rosie Warren

The Walls of the Tank: On Palestinian Resistance by Andreas Malm

Extract from ‘Clickaway’ by Verity Spott

Celebrity Apprentice: Notes on the US Election by Benjamin Kunkel

Civilisation vs Solidarity: Louise Michel and the Kanak by Carolyn J. Eichner

Notes on Walls by China Miéville

Annonay part 2 by Caitlín Doherty

Conduit by Rupa DasGupta

Disaster Islamism by Jamie Allinson

Trump and the Present Crisis by Nikhil Pal Singh

An Angle on Management Cruelty by Verity Spott

Class and Brexit: Or, Why We Should Stop Worrying About the Working Class and Focus on Capitalism by Kyle Geraghty

Serf ‘n’ Terf: Notes on Some Bad Materialisms by Sophie Lewis

None Shall Pass: Trans and the Rewriting of the Body by Richard Seymour

Ruins of a Future Empire by Joseph Tomaras