Remembering October 1917 on the Historical Materialism website

29th Oct 2017

Remembering October 1917

The HM website has published a series of posts this year to remember the Russian Revolution. Eric Blanc and Paul LeBlanc will be debating in person at the HM London conference on 9-12 November 2017.

Eric Blanc

27 Feb 2017 Before Lenin: Bolshevik Theory and Practice in February 1917 Revisited

31 March 2017 A Revolutionary Line of March: ‘Old Bolshevism’ in Early 1917 Re-Examined

11 July 2017 October and its Relevance: A Discussion with China Miéville

7 October 2017 Did the Bolsheviks Advocate Socialist Revolution in 1917?


Response by Paul LeBlanc

24 October 2017  Re-Arming the Party: Bolsheviks and Socialist Revolution in 1917


David Mandel 

31 August 2017 The Intelligentsia and the October Revolution