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Radical Philosophy- new issue now out

6th Jul 2018

Radical Philosophy issue 2.02 (June 2018) has just been published. It is freely available online, and for purchase as a print-on-demand volume. 


Online edition:

Print edition:, Barnes & Noble and others. (Non-corporate distribution channels on their way…)


RP 2.02 (June 2018) Contents

  • Five theses on sabotage in the shadow of fossil capital
    Jeff Diamanti and Mark Simpson
  • Powerless companions or fellow travellers?
    Jessica Whyte
  • What are popular economies?
    Verónica Gago
  • Between subject and citizen
    Warren Montag
  • The methodological is political
    Alice Crary
  • The becoming-black of the world?
    David Marriott
  • Beyond failure and success
    Walid el Houri
  • Left-wing populism
    Interview with Éric Fassin
  • Reviews
    • Penelope Deutscher, Foucault’s Futures
      Victoria Browne
    • Eyal Weizman, Forensic Architecture
      Martina Tazzioli
    • Esther Leslie, Liquid Crystals
      Sam Dolbear and Hussein Mitha
    • Gregor Moder, Hegel and Spinoza
      Harrison Fluss and Landon Frim
    • Adriana Cavarero, Inclinations
      Willow Verkerk
    • Kojin Karatani, Isonomia and the Origins of Philosophy
      Nardina Kaur
    • Yates McKee, Strike Art
      Philipp Kleinmichel
    • Andrew Culp, Dark Deleuze
      Thomas Dekeyser
    • Hunt and Youngblood, eds., Against Life
      Nitzan Lebovic
    • Paul Clements, The Creative Underground
      Howard Feather
    • Browne and Whistler, eds., On the Feminist Philosophy of Gillian Howie
      Peg Rawes
  • Mark E. Smith, 1957–2018
    Timothy Bewes

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