Racism and the Logic of Capital – Los Angeles, 11 March

14th Feb 2018

Racism and the Logic of Capital

Sunday, March 11

6:30-8:30 PM

Westside Peace Center

3916 Sepulveda Blvd., near Venice Blvd. (free parking in rear)

Suite 101-102, press #22 at door to get into building

Culver City (LA area)



Peter Hudis

With a comment by Lilia D. Monzó


In light of worsening income inequality, job insecurity, and a looming climate crisis, recent years have seen a return to Marxism’s examination of the impact of capital’s drive to valorize value and maximize profits. At the same time, new developments in critical race theory, postcolonial critique, and intersectionality studies have given us new insights into the social, psychological, and cultural dimensions of antiblack racism and ethnic discrimination. These two strands of radical thought rarely speak to each other, but they need to be taken together if we are to have a full picture of the present reality and how to transcend it, especially after the threats to all of humanity that have emerged since the 2016 US election. While the logic of capital is one factor (among others) that helps shape racial attitudes and race relations, it is also necessary to critique economic reductionist approaches to the subject.


Peter Hudis teaches at Oakton Community College in the Chicago area. He is the author of FRANTZ FANON: PHILOSOPHER OF THE BARRICADES and MARX’S CONCEPT OF THE ALTERNATIVE TO CAPITALISM, and the General Editor of the COMPLETE WORKS OF ROSA LUXEMBURG, as well as the coeditor of POWER OF NEGATIVITY (selected writings of Raya Dunayevskaya).


Lilia D. Monzo teaches at Chapman University, where she uses Marxist-Humanist and decolonial approaches to confront capitalism and imperialism, racism, and the hyper-exploitation of women of color, while envisioning a socialist alternative. She has published in such journals as POSTCOLONIAL DIRECTIONS IN EDUCATION and TRUTHOUT.


Sponsored by the West Coast Chapter, International Marxist-Humanist Organization

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