Insurgent Notes No. 13

Issue 13 October 2016

Anti-Value in Marx by David Harvey at SOAS 17 November 2016

Professor David Harvey (Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geography, City University of New York, USA)

Call for Papers – Anarchism and Marxism in the Contemporary Global Left

We seek original articles for a projected 2018 special issue of Globalizations on the ways in which anarchism(s) and Marxism(s) are articulated and practiced across the contemporary global left. Anarchism and Marxism are two of the long-standing intellectual frameworks through which anti-capitalism is articulated and practiced. Often seen in tension or polar opposites, two recent collections of essays has shown this to be historically misleading (Prichard et al 2012), and equally problematic in terms of contemporary philosophical debate and practice (Prichard and Worth 2016). More needs to be said about the complexities of current practices and movements, the collaborations and compromises that animate the contemporary global left.