New Special Issue Feminized Resistances, Journal of Resistance Studies

9th Mar 2017

Announcing the new issue ‘Feminized Resistances’ of the Journal of Resistance Studies to support the deepening of our dialogues of resistances and struggles for emancipation.

The issue is open access. It can be downloaded for free on the Journal of Resistance Studies website…/volume-2-number-2-2016/ (add to cart, view cart, proceed to checkout, fill in your details and place the order).


Sara C. Motta and Tiina Seppälä; Editorial: Feminized Resistance

Kate Smith; Telling Stories of Resistance and Ruination: Women Seeking Asylum     

Liz Mason-DeeseUnemployed Workers´ Movements and the Territory of Social Reproduction 

Sara C. Motta; Decolonizing Australia´s Body Politics: Contesting the Coloniality of Violence of Child Removal  

 Aja Marneweck; Sexual and Spiritual R-Evolution through Animism: The Feminine Semiotics of Puppetry      

Padini Nirmal; Queering Resistance, Queering Research: In Search of a Queer Decolonial Feminist Understanding of Adivasi Indigeneity