New on the Historical Materialism Website

28th Feb 2018

Please find below our list of blogs and interviews published recently on the HM website. 


Jamie Woodcook on ‘Six points on the eve of the UCU strike’ 27 February 2018


Susan Dianne Brophy on ‘The explanatory value of the theory of uneven and combined development’ 26 February 2018


Frederic Monferrand (Revue Periode) interviews Daniel Hartley on ‘The Politics of Style’


Ankica Čakardić on ‘Luxemburg’s critique of bourgeois feminism and early social reproduction theory’, 25 February 2018


Arran Gare (1993) on ‘Soviet Environmentalim’, 5 February 2018


Tiarnán Somhairle on ‘Capital’s First Colony? A Political Marxist approach to Irish “underdevelopment”’, 5 February 2018


Luke Stobart interviews SOAS Justice for Workers campaign, ”Between thorns and roses’: how migrant workers beat outsourcing at SOAS’, 14 January 2018