New journal: Notes from Below

5th Feb 2018


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Notes from Below is a socialist journal that uses class composition analysis to ground our politics in the perspective of the working class, help circulate and develop struggles, and build workers’ confidence to take action by and for themselves.

Issue 1, ‘No Politics Without Inquiry!’, features:

– An interview with Steve Wright on the history of class composition analysis 
– A new translation of Alberto Battaggia on the relationship between the concepts of the ‘mass worker’ and ‘social worker’ in Italian workerism
– Workers’ Inquiries into food platforms, casualised academic work and Silicon Valley
– Republications of influential work by Ed Emery, Salar Mohandesi and Asad Haider
– A podcast-report from a London picket line
– The editorial collective on necessary innovations in class composition analysis 
– Three workplace/community bulletins